Fall semester baking adventures


This semester, I’ve been using baking as a break from the demands of grad school. Not only does it allow me to occupy myself with something fun, it also results in some snacks for taking the workload.

Tonight I experimented with a friend in baking banana pumpkin chocolate chip bread. I’d say we’re both novice bakers, yet our product exceeded my expectations. You can never good wrong with trying new combinations of ingredients that getting stand well on their own!

22 Things I’ve Learned By Age 23


I love that I came across this tonight, especially since it restated ideas that I’m coming to accept myself at 22. Thank you for sharing this!

Originally posted on Rookie Notes:

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. Here a few life lessons that I have learned by my 23rd year of life:

Be yourself

It is easy to conform and follow the latest, enticing trends of here and now. Discomfort is always felt by putting your neck out on the line and saying I disagree, I’m going to do my own thing. It’s not easy to be comfortable in your own skin…to really look at yourself in the mirror and say I love and accept you. For me, being myself, being comfortable with the person God has made me to be has taken prayer, daily reassurance and patience. Some days I find myself saying:

Yes, I am smart enough. Yes, I can do it if I work hard. Girrrl, Chelsea, you look so good today!

While I am not completely comfortable with who I am, I have come a long way…

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