Clinical achievement unlocked!

One of my students is very difficult to work with because of his low frustration tolerance. A lot of my group sessions with him have been unproductive with him keeping his head on the table and refusing to participate. Earlier this week I took the chance to speak with the speech pathologist who worked with him last year. She explained to make lessons into games rather than pure instruction in order to reel him in and make him excited about the topic.

For my group session with him today I tried to be as mellow with him as possible and to keep activities engaging but simple.  It all worked! He just put his head down briefly and covered his eyes for the start of the lesson, but he eventually stopped hiding and participated. He did so well that I awarded him the max number of stickers that a student can earn for doing “outstanding” work. I was relieved and happy that he got something out of the lesson. I look forward to workong with him more now that I know how to approach him!

Branching out


On Monday I decided to step out and go to my first meet up! It was organized by a volunteer group at a Panera near me, so I had no reason not to miss it. The other attendees and I spent a couple of hours making cards for patients at Boston Children’s Hospital. It was fun watching how creative people got and to spend time with a new crew. I hope to continue volunteering with this group!


I love getting into the swing of running. I appreciate the endorphin wave that washes away the stress of school and helps me put things into perspective. The exercise reminds me the importance of self-discipline as I push myself to prepare to run in a 5K in a month and how its needed in other parts of my life. Most importantly, it gives me some ME time, which I don’t usually set aside time for.

Grasping a clinical placement

Today was my most successful day at my school placement thus far. The sessions were far from perfect, as I’m still learning how to balance behavior management, data collection, and structure within sessions. On top of that, I’m trying to remember to build relationships with my students. It’s a lot to keep in mind during a half hour session! Despite my stumbles today, I was comfortable in my sessions thanks to spending plenty of time the couple of days before thinking through the sessions and finding the materials beforehand. It was the most I had spent on planning an entire school day up to this point. Being able to manage the sessions today without my supervisor and without getting frustrated and stuck within a session was a good ego boost in my clinical training. I give myself a HUGE pat on the back!