Day 1: Lent… a la Subway

Fridays I escape the world of academia to take on the role of Sandwich Artist at the Subway on BU’s campus. During my 4.5 hour shift, I go through the mechanical process of preparing sandwich after sandwich, and feel as though I’m interrogating my customers about a crime with the amount of questions I fire at them to complete their order. Fortunately the shift is filled with ample excitement, from joking with my non-student co-workers to seeing familiar faces in line, as happened today.

As a practicing Catholic working at a fast food restaurant on a Friday in Lent, I unintentionally took notice of the numerous meat sandwiches I prepared on the line (there did seem to be an increase in the amount of tuna sandwiches, though…). I didn’t think too much about assessing whether my customer was observing the Lenten fast from meat on Fridays, until a FOCUS missionary from the campus’ Catholic Center popped in to order lunch for himself and his team member. As expected, he ordered a tuna sandwich for the other missionary, since eating fish is a pass on Fridays. As I was completing another customer’s order, I caught from the corner of my eye that a co-worker was also unwrapping a cheese pizza for the missionary. Nothing out of the ordinary… until I noticed she was piling tuna on top of the cheese pizza! I couldn’t keep myself from exclaiming his name and laughing at him. Well, now my co-workers are learning the bizarre group of people I hang around!

After the missionary’s pizza finished baking in the toaster and it was passed on to me to complete his order, the absurdness of his order continued. Just as I was about to roll the pizza-cutter through his tuna-laden pizza, he proceeded to request jalapenos, honey mustard, and cucumbers. To say that this order was a slight deviation from our usual pizzas is an understatement. Aside from laughing about the ridiculousness of the order, we chatted about Lent and giving up meat on Fridays, which allowed for some evangelism to my co-workers.

As the missionary was about to go out on his way, I requested that he take a picture of it so I could share it as my happy token for the day. Here’s the beauty:



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