Embarking on the Pursuit of Happiness… for 100 days

A few weeks ago, I had decided to adopt the phrase “Why not smile today?” as a quasi-mantra. I figured that amidst the stress and drama of the college undergrad life, I needed to remind myself more often of the positives, particularly the ones that make me smile. I created a Twitter account on which I attempted to share my reasons for smiling, but I failed to follow through with posting on a regular basis.

Recently (probably around 6hrs prior to this post), a friend of mine shared the 100 Happy Days challenge, which requires participants to share a photo of what makes them happy everyday for 100 days. A few of us vowed to take up this challenge, and have decided to hold each other accountable by sharing our photos and the related stories through social media or a blog. There was no question that my quasi-mantra would title my personal blog documenting my progress 🙂

I am very much looking forward to completing this challenge, although I must admit that it seems a bit daunting. I’m expecting that I’ll fall short in finding something different that makes me happy for each day in the challenge. However, I anticipate many surprises on this journey. Since I’ll be consciously searching for what makes me happy for the sake of posting on the blog and to keep up with  my friends, I will most likely come across the most unexpected things that regardless of their significance could make an impact on my day.

Throughout the 100 days, I expect that my list will mostly consist of:

  • Food – I like to spoil my taste buds! And to take pictures of what I eat.
  • Friends – I appreciate the quality time with the people I care about
  • Scenery – I enjoy exploring in Boston, where I am currently living

I’m not very creative, but I’ll attempt to post some quirky items to make the list more interesting.

So…. here we go!!

– Angelica


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