Day 2: “Putting the Mega in Megabus”


As I embarked on my ASB trip today, I had the pleasure of having the Lady Catherine as my bus buddy during the 9 hour ride to Baltimore. As always we delved into some conversations about education, this time particularly about the Common Core. I made a feeble attempt at catching up on some articles on neurodevelopmental factors and language deficits contributing to reading disabilities, until Catherine introduced me to Obama’s BRAIN initiative, which cleverly stands for Brain Research through Advancing of Innovative Nanotechnology. I hoped to binge on researching this topic during the ride, but of course the bus’ Wifi was subpar.

We had some solid conversations (including one on vocations, not a surprise with two Catholic women), throughout the trip interrupted by reading and napping. But alas, at one point we gave into technology for amusement. We kept ourselves entertained by drawing on the OneNote app, playing a connect-the-dots game, and challenging our word knowledge with 2 hours with several rounds of Hangman.

Overall, the dreaded bus ride was made bearable by the company of a lovely acquaintance.


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