Day 3: The Smiling Face of ASB Baltimore

My photo today features one of my favorite people on my ASB trip thus far, who is a total sweetheart. I had heard about her from a mutual friend with whom she is in BU’s I Embrace You, a club devoted to spreading kindness and offering free hugs on campus. Knowing that about her prior to officially meeting her, I already expected her to be a warm, welcoming person.

My fellow ASBers and I have been amazed by how she goes above and beyond in friendliness as well as the degree of her excitability. As we walked down the Inner Harbor near Downtown Baltimore, she gave me a brief lesson on introducing myself in Mandarin with an admirable amount of patience as I attempted to mimic her shifts in intonation in the phrases. During our first informal tour of the facility, she plead to keep her calm if she expressed too much excitement. When taking turns in introducing the nuns we ate with after dinner, she was the first one to jump up to offer a beautiful introduction filled with genuine admiration and praise for the nun she met. She truly possesses a pure joy and interest in people, two attractive qualities that are unfortunately a rare encounter.

I very much look forward to getting to know her more in the upcoming week, and hope to absorb some of her joy and positivity.


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