Day 10: The Delightful-ness of a New Jersey Bagel and Gal

Today I endured the 9 hr bus ride back to Boston from Baltimore. The trip was made bearable by some great company from my co-volunteers, and I distracted myself for part of it by completing a midterm due the next day. Another plus was that we did not run into any significant traffic despite the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Even though we pulled into South Station earlier than expected, we didn’t make it back to Boston until an hour later due to waiting on a CSC van to pick us up and take us back to campus. When we finally set foot on BU ground, all the dining halls were closing, which limited our options for dinner.

Fortunately, my dear friend Susan kindly brought back a bagel from New Jersey to share with me. I had heard about the wonders of these bagels, so when I remembered that I had that to look forward to at the end of the night, I was delighted.

The bagel did not disappoint! Susan served it to me with vegan butter, which she had already spread onto the bagel before I came by. I was slightly taken aback, since I had just spent a week with generous nuns and did not expect such kindness to continue on my first day in Boston! I enjoyed satisfying my hunger and taste buds with the fluffiest bagel I have ever had, along with some great company from a wonderful friend.


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