Day 9: Recognizing the Subtlety of Happiness

Throughout the week I approached the 100 Happy Days challenge by selecting the experience that elicited the greatest amount of joy, laughter, and feeling of appreciation. My exceptional interactions and memories in St. Martin’s Residence this week have shaped high standards for identifying what makes me happy.

Today, I faced disappointment when I realized that I did not feel the same level of happiness that I had felt at my highest points this week. As I browsed through my photos from the ASB group’s trip to Baltimore to find something to share, I began to recognize the need for me to modify my perspective on this challenge. 

The challenge does not require participants to seek out outstanding or unique moments to share as their happy token for the day. These occasions are rare, and should be unanticipated in order to fully appreciate their sweetness and blessing. The intended purpose of the challenge is to recognize even the subtle things in your routine that contribute to your appreciation or well-being during the day, or that allow you to crack a smile even when the day may be mundane or rough.

For today’s post I decided to share a photo of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, which captures the day’s weather and mood. It had been a nice, warm sunny Saturday that was perfect for strolling down the harbor to visit the American Visionary Art Museum, and later passing through Fells Point to have dinner with our trip’s chaperone’s parents. There were plenty of people out and about, from adults dressed in green for early St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, to families out with their toddlers and dogs.

I enjoy these walks through crowds in the middle of a celebration or just through a quaint neighborhood. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take in the full atmosphere of the location since we were urgent in reaching our destinations. Nonetheless, I appreciated being out in the warm weather with my ASB crew before shipping back to the cold weather in Boston and the school routine.


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