Day 11: “Ballin’ ‘teers, assemble!”

It’s just been 26 hours or so since we went our separate ways, and the ASB Baltimore crew has already reunited for a post-break hangout. We had originally planned a trip to a local bar for us 21+ to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but ended up sharing a late dinner at Sunset Cantina in order for everyone to be able to attend.

Throughout the day we had shared messages through GroupMe conveying how much we missed serving with the Little Sisters. From grieving over not eating breakfast together to being disappointed over waking up in our owns beds rather than back at the residence, it was clear that a reunion soon after returning to Boston would be much appreciated.

Simply put, the dinner was an enjoyable evening with the same banter as we had over break, except with the Cantina’s imitation of Mexican food and drinks for those of us who were of age. We even took several selfies throughout the dinner in memory of the group and individual selfies we took with Sr. Rosario.

It was evident during the dinner that we all appreciated each others’ company. Someone suggested that we try to meet on a monthly basis, whereas others chimed in that we should get together to celebrate a volunteer’s birthday next week, even without asking her in the first place whether she would want all of us 15 volunteers to crash her birthday plans.

I enjoy seeing the bonds that have formed during the week that we spent together. Even if we don’t continue meeting up on a regular basis, I’ll savor the moments that I will have with these smiling, funny, caring “Ballin’ ‘teers.”


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