Day 13: All in the Famiry


Tonight was a night of some great comradery with my BU family. We’ve been referring to our friend group as a dysfunctional “famiry” (pronounced with the r/l substitution typical of native speakers of Asian languages) since a rowdy car ride in which three of us were playfully bickering in the backseat and two others were scolding us to behave from the front seat. The interaction basically imitated an exchange between parents and children, and the label stuck.

Our shenanigans this evening consisted of dinner and drinks at Top of the Hub as part of Boston’s Restaurant Week. This involved a three-course price-fixed menu that equated the price of a typical single meal. It was a solid deal. In addition, the restaurant offered a glorious view of Boston, the Charles River, and Cambridge. The service, food, and general environment of the 54th floor of the Prudential Tower offered a classy atmosphere perfect for a celebration of friendship.

The night continued in the common room of my dorm with the remainder of us who were willing to stay up just hanging out. There was plenty of silly banter, attempts at Kung Fu, and playing with my stuffed animals. It was a great night with my BU family prior to flying off to visit my biological family and “gang” in Chicago for the weekend.


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