Day 16: “Starwhals, starwhals/Swimming in the ocean/Causing a commotion/Coz they are so awesome…”


(The title of this post was adapted from the original Narwhal song)

Today I met up with my high schools friends for a classic hangout, which basically consists of all of us crashing one of our houses for a movie, video games, and a mound of unhealthy yet savory snacks. I get my dose of video games and other tech-related topics during these meetups, as I watch the guys set up all the controls and connections and listen to them chat about the latest video game. That’s what I get for surrounding myself with at least 4 other guys. And now that my only other girl friend from the “gang” has moved to France to work for Google Paris, I’ll be the only source of estrogen to this group for a while. I don’t mind this at all. I enjoy the time with my nerdy guy friends.

One game we’ve particular gotten into over the past few hangouts is Starwhals, which is described as a “retro, epic narwhal battle in space.” Essentially, it involves stabbing the hearts of opponent narwhals. The one who outlives the other starwhals is deemed the winner. The controls are difficult, as you are only allowed to move forward, and it’s challenging to turn the starwhal around without overshooting. The excitement of stabbing is built up by the slow-down effect that occurs when one player is about to pierce the heart of an opponent. The game involves much hilarity, whooping, and anticipation. Preview the epic-ness of the game here.

Up to this point, we’d been playing a basic demo version of the game. One of my friends bought the game, so now we were able to play different modes and even customize our Starwhals. I had a terrible record today, except for the results I posted above that resulted in a win. I was teased for taking a picture of the score, and I didn’t do any better after that round, but I still had fun attempting to improve my record and cheering my friends on when I passed on the controller to them.


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