Day 17: Returning to a Neglected Talent


I was introduced to the piano at an early age, but unfortunately I haven’t pursued it since I stopped taking lessons sometime in high school. Occasionally I’ll pull out some pieces that I can still play from muscle memory, but don’t devote much time to teaching myself something new. I do miss playing as often as I used to. Playing piano taught me discipline and persistence as I was obliged to practice regularly, and it was also a good stress reliever.

Over spring break, one of the ASB volunteers was a talented pianist who would often default to playing “River Flows in You,” a beautiful piece by the South Korean pianist and composer Yiruma. Since hearing it multiple times during the break, I’ve been wanting to learn to play it myself. I finally took the chance to do so today on my cousin’s piano during a family dinner.

I can still read sheet music, but it takes me a while to grasp playing a new song. My fingers felt clumsy as I slowly went through the score. My reaction to messing up consisted of saying “Damnit”, slamming the keys, and then laughing at myself. After about an hour of practice, I was able to master playing the first two lines. Even though it was just a small part of the score, I still felt accomplished and happy that I’ve decided to take up learning a new piece. I’m excited for the final result!


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