Day 23: “It’s like chimney?” and other antics with friends

Today was an overall wonderful day of seeing some good friends, from working out at BU’s FitRec in the morning with my gym buddy, to grabbing dinner in the dining hall with a couple of housemates from last year. I can’t help breaking the implied “one photo rule” of the 100 Happy Days challenge to capture my two favorite happy moments of the day.

WIN_20140329_164856I grabbed a late lunch with the lovely lady on the right, then joined both women for a quick study session in the dining hall. It was a happy brief reunion of the “Three Musketeers” from our summer in Boston. I ended my time with them with a series of photos on my laptop, including my favorite one above. There’s nothing like capturing a little silliness on camera 🙂

29597_10152326168908130_755541429_nLater in the day, I grabbed coffee with a friend I refer to as “Auntie,” due to a running joke among friends and for all the wisdom she always imparts on me during our coffee dates. I got to capture her priceless reaction to her belated birthday gift that a few of us arranged for her. I loved that all us of were able to let her know how much we love and appreciate her with a stuffed blue Koopa shell backpack, out of all things.

Together, all these interactions reminded me of how blessed I am with the friendships I have formed during my time at BU. I extend a HUGE shout-out and hug to them all, as well as a greater THANK YOU to God, fate, the universe, or whatever brought us together.


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