Day 24: Chicago Pride in Beantown



This evening I had the chance to watch my hometown basketball team, the Chicago Bulls, play against the Celtics at TD Gardens. Even though I’ve accepted Boston as a second home, hometown loyalty trumps any of the Beantown teams when they play against each other. I was very much excited during the T ride to the Garden and the game itself when I saw other fans wearing Bulls apparel. There’s nothing like seeing a little piece of home.

I attended the game with a good friend who came along mainly to see her celebrity crush, the Celtic’s new coach Brad Stevens. She grabbed my arm while squealing every time she caught a glimpse of him on the court.

The entire game was a nail-biter, as the Celtics and Bulls basically went back and forth throughout the whole game. I took the liberty to express my hometown pride by loudly cheering for Noah, Hinrich, Boozer, and all the others. I even obnoxiously yelled “OFFENSE” over the crowd chanting Defense when the Bulls held possession of the ball.

The Bulls’ victory against the Celtics wasn’t as sweet as I had wanted it to be. The Celtics spent the majority of the final 40 seconds of the game fouling Noah, which allowed us to get further ahead. The win didn’t feel deserved, but I was still proud of my team.


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