Day 27: Feelin’ Good About My Look

IMG_20140402_103010Wednesdays are my longest day of the week in terms of class and the amount of time I spend with my classmates. Since the day is uninterrupted by a visit to the gym or working at Subway, I’m motivated to put some effort into how I look. I particularly felt good, proud, and confident about my appearance today, which prompted me to snap a picture.

During my time in college, I’ve appreciated having the liberty in deciding how I present myself in the way I dress. At home I’m often self-conscious about my appearance, as my overly-concerned mother always drops suggestions for adjusting, or even completely changing, an outfit, even when I’m just going out to hang out with some guy friends for an afternoon of video games or to run a quick errand at the grocery store down the street. My only form of rebellion against my mom growing up has been to ignore these requests, but I usually cave in since it’s the easiest way out of her pestering and to stay on her good side. I know my mom has good intentions, and I love her dearly, but her suggestions can unintentionally rub off the wrong way and make me feel that I’m inadequate in my ability to dress myself.

It’ll still take some time to convince my mom that her 22 year old daughter is perfectly capable of dressing herself stylishly, even if it doesn’t necessarily match her taste. But in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the freedom in deciding to lounge in my dorm in sweatpants, wander around campus in jeans, a sweatshirt, and no make-up, and dress up when the occasion calls for it without any interference.


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