Day 32: “Zah-gah doo, ziggy-dee doo”

IMG_20140407_205326Tonight I returned to swing dancing with Hop to the Beat since the end of last semester. It was the first class of the session, so we focused on basic moves in lindy hop, including the 8-count jockey, basic turn, and swing out. Even though I’ve been dancing lindy since the summer, I appreciated the review. I felt a bit clumsy when trying to keep up with a friend in the class and the instructor when they’d lead me through something more advanced, so I didn’t mind sticking to the easier steps.

I am glad to have made the decision to practice swing again. The classes always make me laugh and smile. The instructors, a married couple, have a great dynamic with each other and are wonderful teachers. The husband is a riot, as he always tries to make jokes (like considering “Breaking it Down in Pieces” to be the title of a Broadway show today), uses bizarre metaphors for explaining specific moves, or scats out the rhythm for us to follow. I look forward to the next five classes in this session.



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