Day 34: Children’s Books



Every Wednesday night I attend a seminar for the Intergenerational Literacy Program, a English literacy program for immigrant adults in Chelsea, MA. The seminar is usually spent taking care of some administrative things, such as finding subs and being reminded to submit our hours on time, followed by a lesson by one of the teachers on literacy development or strategies for working with particular learners and their reading and writing skills.

Today’s seminar focused on the importance of the program’s parents doing literacy activities with their children. The lesson was supplemented by the chance for each of us tutors to read a children’s book in small groups. I was rather enthusiastic about this activity, and was glad to see titles of books that I read growing up, including the ones above. I appreciate how despite the simplicity of the books’ plot lines, the authors still manage to offer a valuable lesson in a quirky and entertaining style. 

The night ended with us listening to a reading of “Good Families Don’t” by Robert Munsch. The book was by far the most ridiculous one I’ve heard thus far. I didn’t hold back from laughing throughout it, and would’ve probably laughed even harder if I were listening it on my own. If you’re in need of a little silliness, and you haven’t quite lost the inner child, I recommend taking the time to listen to it 🙂



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