Day 36: Tackling the Front of the Sandwich Line

IMG_20140411_172656I was assigned to work first in line during my shift at Subway today. This position refers to the head of the line with all the bread, meats, and cheeses. I’m usually intimidated to handle this part of the sandwich assembly line; there’s more pressure to work quickly and efficiently, which is complicated by the layers of meat and cheeses that are difficult to separate when placing the correct amount on the sub.

For once, I felt that I conquered the role. I got into rhythm of firing the list of questions (“What can I get for you? What would you like on it? American, Swiss, Provolone, or Cheddar? Toasted?”) and was able to prepare the sandwiches smoothly and in a reasonable pace, even when it did start getting a little busy around lunchtime. The position had me running back and forth a lot from counter to toasters and back, and I even directed a co-worker in helping me out. I was very satisfied with my performance at work today.


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