Day 37: Happiness for $1

IMG_20140412_110239 IMG_20140412_110918

Today I attended a day retreat on Friendship hosted by our Catholic Center’s women FOCUS staff at their “Pinterest-y” home in Cambridge. One of our reflections on the topic consisted of going on an Emmaus walk, which parallels the story in the Bible in which Jesus encounters the apostles shortly after His Resurrection on their way to Emmaus. I was paired up to go with the smiling face in the photo above.

On our way towards Central Square, a hub of various shops and restaurants in Cambridge, my companion found a dollar on the sidewalk. I suggested to her that we challenge ourselves to find what we could spend that dollar on. We wandered into Blick, an art store, where we found discounted colorful and quirky pins. We picked out one with a picture of a happy cartoon tamale with the caption “See you tamale!” for 67 cents. Next we ventured over to Boomerangs, a thrift shop, where we rummaged through an assortment of cards that were available for 27 cents. We picked the one pictured above, since it fitted the theme of the retreat. After we paid for the card, we donated the remaining 12 cents to a collection for the AIDS Walk Boston & 5K Run.

Finding these trinkets for the equivalent of a dollar was quite an accomplishment. As we headed back to the house, we couldn’t stop laughing along the way. It was a wonderful bonding moment, and a great reminder of how much happiness the littlest things can bring.


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