Day 38: Transatlantic GChat



I don’t keep in touch with my high school friends on a regular basis. I usually reconnect with them when I’m at home, or once in a while I’ll send them a random text or message on GChat, which we all used consistently throughout high school once AIM faded out. These sporadic messages usually aren’t very long. They’re typically just a “hello” and a check-in.

Today I messaged a friend from home who recently moved to France to work with Google Paris. We went back and forth in updating each other on what we’ve been up to lately or any upcoming plans. I enjoyed the short conversation we had, and I was reminded of how I value our friendship. My friend had reached out to me our freshman year in high school when I didn’t have anyone to hang out with, and then somehow our friendship extended to the “gang” that we now have remaining from high school.

I admire my friend for how her passion for her field and her related goals has driven her to accomplish her dream of working for Google and for living abroad. Even though we don’t talk often, I appreciate that our friendship has lasted since high school. I look forward to hearing about her future adventures in Paris, and hope to someday even run into her there if I make my way to Europe.


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