Day 39: The Multipurpose Wipeboard


Earlier in the year I invested in a white board to use as a study aid. I learn best by writing out my thoughts, and I used to waste many pages of scratch paper rewriting answers to study questions to solidify the material. I figured I could save some trees and reduce waste in with a handy-dandy white board from Staples.

Today the white board proved to be more than just a tool for reviewing for exams. When walking down CommAve today with a friend, the strong wind not only slowed us down in reaching our destination, but it also blew dirt into our eyes. Fortunately my friend had her sunglasses on her to protect her eyes, whereas I used my white board as a shield. Aside from coming close to being blown out of my hands, it served me well and added some humor to our walk. Later in the afternoon, the same friend and I used the board to hash out some ideas for a prayer service and Polish dinner we’re planning in honor of the canonization of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII in a couple of weeks. This time it served us as a slate for brainstorming as well as bonding as we joked over some of our sillier suggestions for the event.

As I use the white board tonight to cram 250+ slides of material for a quiz tomorrow, I smile at the fond memories that it contributed to today.


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