Day 43: A Roll-ful of Fun

IMG_20140418_220205After the Good Friday service, some of us from the BU “famiry” headed over to Bertucci’s for the single full meal of the day. I tagged along for the bread rolls, as I had already eaten my only meal allowed during the fast.

The rolls prompted some simple yet sufficiently amusing puns, including “That’s how I roll” and even “Roll, roll, roll your boat.” In the second basket I requested for the table, we came across the three attached rolls pictured above. The science-minded member of the famiry referred to the rolls as the organization of water molecule, whether another identified it as a representation of the Trinity.

The jokes and conversation related to the rolls are just a sample of the random comradery that I enjoy having with the famiry. That is why I selected them as my happy token for the day.


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