Day 45: Understanding the Meaning of Easter… with Tomatoes

tomatoNo, this post is not a reference to Veggie Talesthe children’s cartoon series on Biblical stories told by vegetable characters.

I had the chance to hear one of Fr. Peter’s legendary homilies when I went over to St. Clement’s Eucharistic Shrine for Easter Mass today. He started off the homily with the story of his experience with growing tomatoes. He and his father had purchased seeds at a Home Depot together, and then planted the seeds on their respective properties. His father grew the seeds on his farm and cared for them by providing a wheelbarrow-full of manure each day. The seeds essentially sprouted into a tomato “tree” that was supported by a 24 ft high post. On the other hand, Fr. Peter planted the seeds on the church property and only managed to harvest two tomatoes due to the limited amount of sunlight that managed to escape between buildings surrounding the area. Fr. Peter then tied in this comparison of the two different attempts in growing tomato plants to understanding the meaning of Easter. As his father nurtured the tomato plant in the best environment for them, so does God equip us with the tools we need to reach our potential in this Easter season and beyond.

My feeble summary of Fr. Peter’s homily in no way captures his gifted speaking abilities. He never fails to deliver a profound message with excellent diction and emotion, and having the opportunity to hear him speak is always a treat.


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