Day 47: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor



Today was the start of the BU Catholic Center’s round of Assassins, a game that turns a close-knit community into one of mistrust. Pictured above is my defense and weapon for the week.

When I participated in Assassins a couple of years ago, I was out of the game by lunch time on the first day. My high school friends were visiting, and I made the mistake of taking them to eat in the dining hall where all other Catholic Center people frequented. I was defenseless, and was out by a simple tap on the shoulder with a spoon.

I don’t expect to be in the game too long since I’m not very strategic or sneaky. Yet somehow today I managed to make my first kill! I saw my victim at the Catholic Center and simply followed her out for lunch to get her out. I was just lucky that she wasn’t prepared with her shield today.

As much as I’d like to advance in the game, I’ll wait around until I get my next victim. Perhaps I’ll put some effort into being creative this time around.


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