Day 50: Going out With a (Financial) Bang



I have served as the Fundraising Chair of the BU Catholic Center over the past three years. Every year I managed our annual fundraisers and made a few attempts at planning new events, but usually didn’t go through with them. With my career as Fundraising Chair ending, I’ve started feeling that I could’ve done more to support the CC.

This year I decided to appeal to a few organizations for donations. After receiving a couple of rejections, I had put these attempts out of my mind. I was surprised by a letter from the one of the organizations I had written to (an excerpt of the letter is picture above). A friend stopped by with the letter during my shift at Subway. When he revealed to me that a generous donation was included, I was ecstatic.

The donation is still surreal to me. I couldn’t have thought of a better accomplishment to end my time as the BUCC’s Fundraising Chair. Knowing how the CC struggles to financially support the staff, building, and programming, I am glad that I was able to contribute to the means in receiving this donation.


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