Day 51: Pope honoring, Polish dinner, and fellowship


This evening, a couple of my fellow Polish girls and I got together to host a traditional dinner for the BU Catholic community in honor of the canonization of Bl. John Paul II. From taking the T down to South Boston to pick up the food, to preparing the meal in the CC kitchen,  it was a good day of Polish women fellowship. We shared plenty of laughter and smiles as we continuously called our respective mothers to ask about cooking tips, conversed in Polish, and sang along to disco polo classics.

It’s not until I take the opportunity to reconnect with my Polish roots while away from home that I realize how unique the culture is and how much I appreciate the bond I have with other Poles I have met during my time in the Northeast. I enjoy the times I can share this with my non-Polish friends, like tonight.

Overall the night was a success.  Everyone enjoyed the food, to our relief, and there was good fellowship among all who attended. I am thankful for my Polish sisters and I look forward to growing in friendship with them and having more opportunities to share our culture with others.


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