Day 55: Steps in the Right Direction Pt. 2


A month after my friend notified me that she would be able to room with me next year,  we’ve still been searching for an apartment. It has been a frustrating endeavor in finding an apartment that met our criteria and was still within our respective budgets.

Fortunately, we met with a realtor earlier this week who listened to our preferences and found a couple of apts for us to choose from. We quickly selected from the two options, filled out the necessary documents, and I set out with them today for processing at the realtor office.

The realtor was quick and efficient in taking care of the paperwork. After reviewing all the documents and processing the payments, the realtor notified me that he had bad news and good news. My initial reaction was that a credit score or some other financial factor didn’t process correctly. The realtor proceeded to tell me the bad news was that we had to start paying rent Sept. 1, and the good news was that we got the apt. Once I correctly interpreted the “bad news,” I was excited and relieved that we’ve finally (almost) secured an apartment for next year.

I look forward to finally living off campus and that I no longer have to focus my time and energy on the apartment search. The next step now will be actually moving in and furnishing the place.

To be continued…


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