Day 56: Lost, Found, and Out on a Picnic


I accidently left my id in the lounge of a large under grad dorm after picking up a package. Fortunately,  someone had turned it into the dorm’s ResLife office. I was relieved that I wasn’t “that senior” who lost her id for good on the last day of classes. However,  what I appreciated more was the conversation with the dorm’s security guard that resulted from the incident.

I have passed this elderly man with glasses and long white hair numerous times over the past 4yrs when swiping into the dorm, but had never acknowledged his presence. Today was the first time I interacted with him. He was sweet in explaining to me that someone had found my id and turned it into the ResLife office. When I returned from the office,  I shared my id with him. In his gentle, friendly voice graced with an Irish accent, he told me that I looked good with my hair down and appeared to be ready to go out on a picnic. He proceeded to paint a picture of a picnic for me with cold cuts, juice,  and animals scurrying about. It was an unexpected but lovely association with my outdated id photo.

I appreciated that my lost id led to this conversation. How easy is it to overlook someone you pass everyday, but fail to acknowledge their presence. Everyone has a story to tell, and I was glad to had heard the security guard’s.


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