Day 58: Celebrating the ILP Family



Tonight I had the privilege of attending a gala celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Intergenerational Literacy Program. The event took place in the School of Management’s Trustee Ballroom, an exclusive location on campus. It was a fun night of celebrating the program’s growth from serving 2 families to a couple hundred thousand with friends, alumni, and good food. After dinner, a few words were spoken by Jeanne Paratore (founder of the ILP), former tutors, and even a teacher who had started off as a student in the program herself. The night ended with a couple of senior tutors reenacting a song one of them wrote for our Tutor Showcase this past week for the audience. The song perfectly summarized that “ILP is the place for me. It’s not just for money, it’s family!”

It was admiring to hear stories from all these people and to view the collection of past anthologies written by students over the history of the program. The night reminded me how special the ILP Family is and how glad I am to have been a part of it for three years and counting.

One of my favorite parts of the night was taking the silly selfie with my classroom’s teacher and a fellow tutor/friend. It was amusing getting our teacher to participate in the photo. Her reaction after seeing herself was adorable.

***Unrelated happy token of the day: Gomes scored a grand slam for the Sox! This was exciting to hear, considering his initial unimpressive batting average this season. Way to go!


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