Day 61: Wrapping up at Subway

2014-05-07 10.06.15Last night was (hopefully) my last night of working the closing shift at the Subway on BU’s campus. I had been dreading these closing shift the last few weeks because of all the negativity that two of my co-workers usually emanate. Somehow the final shift had been bearable and even enjoyable. For once I wasn’t rushing through to get out of the shift as quickly as possible, but was rather relaxed and took the time to hang out with my co-workers.

The man on the left is a self-proclaimed “ass-hole” who would frustrate us all when he’d slack off on his phone or by taking long breaks. However, he’s a hard worker once he applies himself and has a good heart hidden somewhere deep. He gave me some good life advice yesterday, which unfortunately he doesn’t follow himself. He’s also hinted that he’s interested in Christianity. I tried to delve into more conversations with him, but he would always pull back even though he was the one who initiated them. Overall, he was an interesting character. Once we locked our doors for the night, he’d blast Bachata music by Aventura’s Romeo Santos. He also took the liberty to ask obscure questions about relationships throughout the shift. He intends on leaving Subway to take on a managerial role at Radioshack, where he enjoys surrounding himself with technology and escaping from his nightly sandwich-making position. I wish him all the best in his pursuits.

The woman on the right was one of the first people I worked with when I started at Subway three years ago, and she’s one of the few who has remained since then. I always enjoyed working with her, especially since everything felt in order on the sandwich line and in the back when she was around. I loved the way she’d say “AnJELLYca” in a high-pitched voice when she saw me. She was always interested in asking me about my family and school and reminding me she has a cousin in my hometown Chicago who she’s been meaning to visit. She was also a very self-less, and hard-working individual, in that she would always stay later to help us speed up cleaning even when it was past her shift. She would also continue working through her breaks rather than sitting down. Like my other co-worker, she held a second job besides Subway. She took a lot of pride in how much she was liked at her job at Whole Foods and enjoyed talking about her work. I have so much respect for her and will miss not working behind the counter with her.

There have been plenty of rough spots while working at Subway, whether with my co-workers or the customers. Yet after every time that I would temporarily quit, I would miss the environment and seeing my favorite co-workers. Maybe the “graduation goggles” were influencing my perspective on working at Subway as I look back. Nonetheless, there were enough memories that I cherish from working there, and am satisfied with the stories I have to share.


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