Day 62: FOCUS farewell


I grabbed lunch today with one of our FOCUS missionaries from the BU Catholic Center who will not be returning to campus next year. She took the initiative to create her own position with FOCUS, which would focus on developing a track for artists within the program. She will be working on this proposal part time while also serving in a fundraising position in FOCUS’ base in Denver,  Colorado. We shared a good hour of catching up and munching on delicious sandwiches from Pavement Coffeehouse before going off our separate ways for the summer.

The missionary is an inspiring, faith-driven, entertaining, supportive character whom I look up to and am glad to have met this year. From conversing about the faith and life to sharing her scones during Bible studies, it was always a pleasure to see her. I look forward to hearing about how she continues to contribute to a mission and program she is passionate about.


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