Day 65: Man Power


I absolutely hate packing my belongings for storage. I still haven’t mastered a good technique after 4yrs of moving out of campus housing. On top of that, I usually try to do as much of the packing and moving process on my own as possible. This just contributes to unnecessary stress.

Today I independently proceeded with the packing process as usual. However,  I got stuck when having to move a 70lb XXL box from the third floor of my building. To my dismay, the reps from the storage company I signed with weren’t available to assist me.

I was fortunate enough to run into the Catholic Center intern and another male student on my way back to my dorm. I was so relieved that they were willing to help. Soon after, I had to recruit my RA to help me place all the boxes into a cart for me to wheel over to the storage company’s station. Again,  the favor was completed without a complaint.

I was so grateful to have received some assistance to smooth out my storage dilemma. I like to claim I’m independent,  but I’m actually too prideful and shy to request help. I’m still learning that sometimes it’s best to lean on others. It also challenges others to respond with humility and service, and it prevents disasters. If I had not asked for help today,  I probably would have unnecessarily strained myself in carrying the box or created other chaos on the stairs. Thank God for man power!


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