Day 67: Comic relief


I had recently decided with my “Auntie” friend that I provide the comic relief in our group of friends. I lived up to that role today when I made the mistake of cutting off blood circulation to my foot by sitting on my leg during our conversation. This resulted in me collapsing into the ground after taking a few steps as we were ready to head out. My friend snapped a photo of me clutching my foot, explicitly cursing my poor life choice, and laughing hysterically. The humor that came out of it was a necessary release of energy and a great memory to share with an awesome friend.

I’m going to break the implied “one photo rule” to share my experience of traveling to Rockport, MA with some friends today. It’s my favorite place in the state outside of Boston, and I love taking people who’ve never been to the town before. We had a good day of conversations, window shopping, and even napping. Bottom line, Rockport is the best place to escape to in order to remove yourself from the city.


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