Day 69: Adventures with Captain Wentworth



Meet Captain Maximilian Wentworth, a friend’s traveling and photography buddy. He has just recently replaced the former Captain Wentworth, who decided to go on his own way when my friend brought him to LA with her last summer. I had been fortunate enough to become acquainted with Max Wentworth’s British cousin and his fiancee last year before his disappearance. The photo below captures our last adventure together.


Anyway, the topic of today’s post is a trip out to Mt. Auburn Cemetery and Arboretum with my friend and her new accomplice. It was refreshing to step off campus and into a new part of Boston city proper that I had not yet explored. Throughout the trip, I was the object of my friend’s experimentation with her photography skills. I enjoyed posing for her with Captain Wentworth while admiring the structures and nature around us. We even came across a couple of gravestones bearing our little friend’s name!

Today was also the last time I hung out with my friend before I return home to Chicago for the summer and she moves on to New York to pursue a PhD in Accounting. It is always a pleasure to see her. Over the time that I’ve known her, I’ve always enjoyed our conversations on faith, relationships, and our ambitions. I admired her passion for creative writing and ballroom dancing, and had the opportunities to read some of her writings and join her at MIT dance socials. I hope to keep in touch with her as we move on our separate paths, and to possibly visit her to explore Manhattan together with the dear Captain Wentworth.

To many more adventures!


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