Day 70: Quiet


I’ve been frazzled the past few days due to battling a cold, running errands, and seeing friends without having some relaxing time to myself. Neglecting alone time has taken a toll on me since I am naturally an introvert. I decided to calm my overwhelmed self by taking a trip to adoration with a friend today.

Sitting in the quiet in front of the monstrance gave me some peace as I sorted through my thoughts. I recognized how I’ve been stretching myself thin without actually taking the time to think and to reflect. I didn’t necessarily get the answers I wanted during my time in adoration, but I at least found my need for more quiet time as well as patience in gaining a better sense of direction in my personal and professional goals. I left the Eucharistic shrine feeling that some weight had been lifted off my shoulders and reenergized to take on the rest of the weekend.


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