Day 75: Baseball Fandom


I was very excited by the commemorative World Champion rings that were given out at today’s Red Sox game. The players failed to prove that they deserved the title during the game, but the fangirl in me was still happy with the small token.

I wasn’t the only fan enthused by the souvenir. A woman near us noticed that we had an excess of rings, since my brother, dad, friend and I had each gotten one. She offered to pay for a ring, even though we had received them for free. I handed her over one of our rings, and assured her we didn’t need anything in return. She still gave us $10 as her party was leaving later on during the game, which my friend and I used to share a serving of ice cream. I was moved and surprised by the women’s token of appreciation. I’m glad such decency does exist between sports fans.

***On another note in the world of baseball, my hometown team beat the Yankees 6-1 today! Even though I no longer follow them regularly, I was still proud of the lovable, yet incompetent team.


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