Day 76: Home for the summer


A big part of me was not looking forward to letting go of Boston for the summer. It’s become my second home over the past four years, and this was the first time since summer of freshman year that I’m staying in my hometown Chicago for over 3 weeks.

I was surprised by the sense of peace I felt as my family stepped into our apartment. I hadn’t realized how burnt out I had been in Boston, even during the couple of days I took my family around the city after graduation. Even though I won’t be free over the summer, it’s nice not to have to worry about assignments and to instead focus on catching up with family and friends at home or trying new hobbies.

I also appreciate the familiarity of my neighborhood, although it has altered in some ways since I left for college 4 years ago. My life in Boston is always changing with people coming in and out of my life and new routines to adjust to each semester or summer. In Chicago I have some constants that I can expect on being there when I stop by. I’m looking forward to a few months of kicking back and relaxing in a familiar setting at the end of the day.


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