Day 78: Childhood


I took some time for reflection today at a local park. I picked out some bleachers near a baseball field to mull over my thoughts on since they provided some sun. Unfortunately this resulted in the first awkward sun burn of the season. Despite that, my time on the bleachers was fruitful.

My time of reflection was interrupted by a gang of kids ranging in age from 4 to 9 or 10 who came by to play on the field. I was amused by their energy as they raced around the bases multiple times and yelled at each other in their high pitched voices to get a round of Cops and Robbers started. Unfortunately their visit to the field was cut short when one of the girls in the group acquired a bee on her dress and the children reacted by running off to find their guardian to take care of their problem.

Watching the kids brought back memories of all the times I was dragged into playing some variation of baseball or kickball with my brother and cousin during our visits to the park. I also missed the carelessness and excitement the kids exhibited, which led me to slightly wish I could regress to such a stress free time, if only for a while. The only solution that came to mind was to have kids of my own in order to have an excuse to temporarily escape from the demands of the adult world.


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