Day 82: Reconnecting with an old friend


I was suprised tonight by a message from am old friend from high school with whom I had not kept in touch with over the past couple of years. I used to make an effort to still see him, but we somehow lost touch.

Andy was by far the sweetest and friendliest classmate in my grade. He could strike up a conversation with anyone and was easy to get along with, despite his quirky personality. We had been in a few classes together, but the most memorable one was AP Bio. Out of all the same classes we had had, we invested the most time in studying for this one together since we often held study groups with a few of our mutual friends. Those times were always enjoyable and productive.

The highlight of our conversation tonight was the excerpt above. He mentioned to me he had to take time off because he had been sick, and that he wasn’t sure how he will handle next year. He concluded by saying he holds on to the belief that God will see him through. This had surprised me, since I only vaguely ever remember making a reference about faith with him way back when. I didn’t press him too much about it, but I did request we meet up for him to share his story with me. My own faith has been waning, and it always encourages me to hear from the most unexpected who have discovered it. I look forward to the conversation when we meet.


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