Day 85: Life talk with Mama


I shared a good life talk with my mom today as we cooked and ate dinner. I enjoy these moments together because for once she’s not stressed, annoyed, or tired after dealing with all her responsibilities. These are times when I feel that I can be truly honest with her without us getting upset at each other, as is expected to occasionally happen in any other mother-daughter relationship.

As usual our talk today fell into discussing family matters. This usually involves my mom sharing some of her hurt and lessons she’s gained over the years. As difficult as it is hearing my mom repeat the same stories, now that I’m older I have been able to put her experiences in perspective and better understand her frustrations. It hit me for the first time today how much I appreciate my mom. I was moved to embrace her and thank her genuinely for all that she’s done. I can only hope that I can continue making her proud and to support her in some significant way once I’m settled down with a career of my own.


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