Day 87: Pink!


My mom brought over the little three kids she was babysitting this weekend while their parents were away at a wedding. I enjoyed helping my mom look after them as we took them to the park and entertained them at home with water balloons, painting, and a few games.

All of the kids were a handful, especially the three year old girl. She’s a stubborn one who doesn’t give much attention to others and tries to get her way. Despite her behavior, she had some cute little moments throughout the morning that made up for them. In particular, she kept exclaiming “Pink!” whenever she caught sight of the nail polish my mom painted on her nails or anything else of that color. She was also not shy by any means. When she first entered our apartment, she ran straight to my room and greeted me even though she had never met me before. Simply put, her cuteness made my morning.


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