Day 90: Customer service

imageI have recently been employed by a Subway near my home for the summer. Once I got over my initial jitters of having the responsibility of closing up the store at the end of the day, I’ve decided to invest some effort into connecting with the customers. The employee I’ve replaced while he’s away on vacation was always joking around and friendly with all the customers who came in. He was well known at the Subway, and regular customers often ask me where he’s gone. I’ve learned from him and the barista at Caribou Coffee back in March that the customer service that employees provide contribute to the experience of the food service, even if it is a fast food place. It’s also an opportunity to brighten someone’s day by just acknowledging them. I’m glad that I’m in this position that I can offer something to someone’s day through a little bit of service.

Overall I had good experiences with my customers today. One in particular however was a little more difficult to deal with since he wasn’t reciprocating my friendliness. Once he left, a customer who had been in the dining area commented on the other customer’s attitude and how he had completely ignored my positivity. I took his observation as an indirect compliment, and it made me happy that my efforts were noticed.



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