Day 100: And so it Ends

To carry over from yesterday’s post, I enjoyed my first day off from the job-that-shall-not-be-named-on-the-weekends. I spent a part of it at a beach located near where my mom works for a couple of families. She had been meaning to bring my brother and me here, and it made me happy to see that we were all able to do something together that my mom enjoyed. Plus, it was the first time that I did anything related to summer since I haven’t been able to get out due to my work and volunteer schedule.


The 100 Happy Days journey has been a blast. Fortunately the doubt that I would be able to find something different that made me happy everyday did not come true. Some days I planned ahead what I expected my happy post to be about, whereas other days it was a surprise. As predicted, a lot of my posts were centered on two of my favorite things, food and friends. Above all, I enjoyed following my friends completing this challenge as well. For me it was a way of learning what they each care about and find happiness in. I will miss reading their posts and reflections before bed every night.

Throughout all the unexpected happy tokens, one thing that has been consistent is a friendship that has grown during the past school year. Hanging out with him and learning more about him has made me happy over the course of our time together. Plus, he’s been indirectly involved with several of my posts. At the start of this challenge, my friend and I hinted at each other that there might be something more between us but did not confess to it. We’ve had different twists and turns since then, with me being a bit of the more complicated one (sorry!). We’ve decided to date, unfortunately long distance at the moment. I think we’re both a little crazy here, but we shall see where this takes us.


To infinite happy days… and BEYOND!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who followed this blog. I will be creating a new one soon in which I will keep track of how a decision I make each day somehow is a “step in the right direction” regarding my personal growth, or academic and professional goals. Stay tuned for the link!



2 thoughts on “Day 100: And so it Ends

    • Definitely try it out! I recommend doing it with other people. Theres a bit more motivation when you know people are expecting you to post something and that you get to read something of theirs as well. Good luck! And thank you for following 🙂

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