Dancing in Public

I stepped into CVS earlier today with my head weighed down by the stress and pain of the past week. As I was browsing for cards for an upcoming occasion, my ears perked up when Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” came over the store’s speakers. Even before I registered what the song was, my feet naturally started to move to the beat ,and before I knew it I was dancing in the card aisle. The upbeat tempo briefly made me as carefree as the dancers in the music video, undisturbed by the reactions of passers-by and just plainly enjoying themselves.

Hearing the song and doing a little dance to it meant a lot to me. First of all, I find dancing to be a big stress reliever, and I usually don’t hold back from breaking out into a small jig when I hear music on the street or in a store.  It’s probably one of the few things I do out of spontaneity, and I loved the fact that today it happened in the right moment. Further, “Brave” had been my go-to song for encouragement over the summer when I was going through a tough transition and trying to find some confidence in myself. The song brought back the sense of empowerment I felt when I’d listen to it on my walk to the bus station for volunteering or work in the summer. It also gave me hope that just as listening to the song eventually faded out of my morning routine because I no longer needed it to build me up, so will my current situation eventually improve.


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