Finding Quiet in Noise

I often find myself bogged down by “noise,” which translates into unnecessary thoughts constantly running through my head that further contribute to distress. I enjoyed a little distraction from my thoughts today while waiting at the Red Line Park St stop. A man had set up shop with his guitar in hand, a tambourine strapped to his foot, and a microphone to amplify his singing. I smiled at appreciating the entertainment he was providing.


Later that evening, I took the time to stop by the Catholic Center on campus for Mass and adoration, which usually isn’t part of my Monday routine. The chapel provided a sense of peace that any practicing religious person experiences when stepping into a place of prayer. As the students sang, I took the time to sit in the quiet, letting my mind be empty.20141020_192137

In the moments that I’m weighed down most by “noise”, I want to physically escape from my surroundings for a while. My experiences today reminded me that I can find a small, substantial escape by merely stopping and taking a moment to enjoy the environment and clear my head.


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