Rejuvenation in an Old Community

Today I followed through with my plans to stop by the campus’ Catholic Center, a brownstone I often visited during my early undergraduate years. The building used to be a second home to me, and I felt very close with the community it housed. It provided me with strong friendships through which I was challenged to think about myself and the big life questions in a way I had never done before. I became less invested in the community during my senior year, and haven’t been striving to continue to be a part of it my first semester of graduate school. I started feeling the need to revisit the building and the students who pass through it when I realized how unfulfilled I have felt from solely investing time in my graduate school work. I’ve even started to feel slightly drained from always being surrounded by my graduate school classmates. I’ve had my good share of laughs with them, but the majority of my interactions with them revolve only around the graduate program with little attempts to pursue anything beyond that. Stepping into the familiar brownstone was refreshing as I spent time catching up with my undergraduate friends, taking part in the weekly Spaghetti Supper, and sitting in on a discussion about Christ-centered relationships as part of the Center’s weekly programming. The visit reminded me how necessary it is to have a community to fall back on beyond one that you’re obligated to take part in, such one related to academics or school.


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