Thursday Night Relaxation

I spend Monday through Thursday powering through classes, studying, and prep work for my client and phonological awareness group. I’ll find time during the week to still run into friends or to do something for myself, but I’m never feel free from my work since deadlines are always at the back of my mind during these activities.

Every week I look forward to Thursday afternoons when I walk out of my session with my client. By then my brain feels too “fried” from the demands of the whole week to do anything productive. It’s the only night of the week that I feel comfortable enough to I allow myself to take the night off in doing simple things that don’t require much cognitive energy, such as browsing through BuzzFeed or Facebook with Friends or a sports game on in the background in my living room. It’s the only time that I allow myself to release the stress built up from the week that I greatly appreciate.


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