Making New Connections

Since I’m an introvert, I easily keep to myself when surrounded by classmates, acquaintances, or friends. Silence is natural for me, and I’m usually satisfied with not having to say anything. A downside of this quality is that I often feel that I miss out on forming relationships because I don’t make the effort to share a bit of myself or to learn more about the people I’m with. I’ve recently been feeling the impact of this tendency as I’ve realized that I’ve barely established any new friendships over the past year. Acknowledging this has made me uneasy, especially with having my best girlfriends out of town and in trying to process a recent break up with the limited support group I have.

Today I took some initial steps in resolving my loneliness resulting from feeling a lack of friendships by speaking up and loosening up a little when talking with those around me. I took advantage of a rare morning in which my roommate was still home by making crepes together. I spoke up to most of my classmates I saw in passing by asking them how they had spent their weekend or commiserating about upcoming assignments. To a few of my classmates that I’ve come to know better, I opened up about the stress I’ve been experiencing and even had the chance to console a friend with her own dealings with a new relationship. It felt refreshing to come out of my shell that I’ve been unreasonably keeping myself in over the past year or so. I look forward to the fruits of me growing in feeling more comfortable in further developing the relationships that I’ve already started to form.


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