The Simple Joy of Leaves

10806420_1412299055678181_4553930651452382893_nThis morning I begrudgingly left my apartment, unhappy that I was about to face six straight hours of class while running on four hours of sleep. It didn’t help that the marathon of classes was to end with an exam I did not feel prepared for. Well, such is the life of the SLP grad student.

My third class of the day was an extended Clinical Practicum course on an introduction to counseling, led by the professor leading the SLP Counseling course I’m already enrolled in with a few of my classmates. It was pointless for us to attend the class, but none of us spoke up to protest. Fortunately, the professor recognized twenty minutes into the class that some of us were already in her other course and that we did not need to participate in the introductory run-through on counseling. Thus, she offered us the opportunity to leave. A couple of friends and I gratefully escaped.

We headed outside to study in the warm fall air. As I took in the the sight of the all the fallen leaves we were surrounded by, I had the urge to throw a pile up into the air. Aside from the fact that I have never taken a leaf-throwing photo before, I found the idea simple and happy. I am easily amused and like to find pleasure in the simplest ways. Leaf-throwing met this criteria, and it was a great little distraction and celebration from having a break in the day after all.


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