Turkeys and Literacy Skills

imageI spend my Monday mornings providing intervention for children behind on their pre-literacy skills. There’s nothing like starting the week off playing games with kindergartens to teach them how to blend, segment, and label letter-sound correspondences.

One of our activities today consisted of “getting turkeys ready for Thanksgiving.” For every word we gave the kids, they had to tell us the first sound and the matching letter. Once they found the right letter, they tore off the corresponding feather. All the kids had a blast, especially when all of a turkey’s feathers were “pulled” off and could be passed around so they could pretend to eat the turkey.

The turkey activity was by far my favorite activity that I’ve planned with my partner thus far. Our supervisor even complimented us and said she’d pass on the ideas to other groups. The success of the activity and our supervisor’s approval was great affirmation for our work.



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